It is known that half the population on Earth lives in the cities while another half chooses the countryside. Despite the fact that urban population is constantly growing due to the relocation of people from rural areas, there are still those who will never move from the villages. Life in a city and in a village has its pros and cons, and each person has his/her own opinion. 

The good thing about living in a city is a well-developed system of transportation for drivers and pedestrians, which includes buses, metro and roads. It makes moving from one district to another faster and more convenient. Another advantage is a big number of schools, universities for students and jobs for newly graduated. It is never a problem to buy food in the nearest grocery or find a pharmacy. On weekends, numerous theaters, cinemas, exhibitions and shopping centers are open to visitors, and there is always something to do in your free time.  

On the other hand, big cities are full of crowds that are always in a hurry, the way of life itself can be quite fast and stressful. There are always traffic jams during rush hours, and it takes two hours or more to go to work and back home. Big traffic causes air pollution, many large cities are famous for their poor environment and air quality. This way of life is not for everybody, and one can always choose quiet life of the countryside. 

The main advantage of living in the country is fresh air and clean water. This is the main reason why country people get sick much less frequently than those who live in the cities. There is no noise due to the lack of traffic jam, and at midnight it is completely dark outside because people tend to get to sleep earlier. Also, the cost of real estate in a village is cheaper, for the price of two bedroom apartment in a city it can be possible to buy a big house in rural area. You can even arrange a garden next to the house and grow your own vegetables and fruit. 

However, there might be problems with finding a job in the countryside, and if you decide to work in the nearest city, it will lead to high transportation expenses. Another issues are poor infrastructure, limited choice of schools and institutions of further education. 

From my point of view, city ​​life suits me much better, because the opportunities for self-development are much more important for me than anything else. More than that, I get used to the high speed of life in the city. From time to time, I travel out of town to get some fresh air in the countryside. However, every person is different and everyone can always choose where he/she should live.