In my opinion, family plays one of the most important roles in our lives. In every situation, however bad, we know that we can rely on our family members and they will do their best to help us. This is what I think about my family, which consists of four people including me. 

My father’s name is Igor, he is forty nine years old at this moment. He owns his own company in the field of construction which has become a family business. I’m really proud of what he is doing and how he manages all the business and subordinates. His hobbies are hunting and fishing, that’s why every weekend he spends in the forest or on the river. 

My mother is forty five years old and her name is Alexandra. She works in my father’s company and helps him with finances, customers and accounting. She is a very strict person, but at the same time kind and fair to all people. In her spare time, she often goes to our country house in order to work in the garden. Also, every day in the evening she goes to a fitness club. 

Svetlana is my younger sister and she is twenty one years old. She is a fourth-year student in the university of architecture and design. Also, she works part-time in an art store. She is very good at drawing and even helped our parents create a logo for their company. When she graduates, she will become the designer. She has her hair coloured in pink, white and black, and I think that it proves her to be a creative person. She has a boyfriend named Pavel, with whom they have been together since high school. 

My name is Alisa, and I am the older sister of Svetlana and the daughter of Igor and Alexandra. I am twenty four years old and have just graduated from the university. I used to work at the hotel as front desk manager, but now I’m looking for a new job at the international company. My hobbies include learning foreign languages and travelling. I think that my family is the best one in the whole world and these people are the dearest to me. Everyone should think about his/her family the same way.