Everybody will agree with me that going in for sport makes us healthy. Perhaps, that’s why today sport is becoming more and more popular both with children, young people and old ones.

Almost every person has a favorite kind of sport. Most people enjoy swimming, football, volleyball or jogging. As for me, I like diving, especially scuba one.

At first time I have dived when I was ten years old. Since then I decided to go in for diving. I will never forget the feeling of weightlessness. This sport is my hobby. It helps me forget about everyday problems and just have a rest. It is really exciting! What's more important, diving is useful for my health.

I also like cycling. I often ride my bicycle during summer holidays. It helps me keep fit and enjoy nature.

To my mind, sport is one of the key parts of our life. Not only because it makes us healthy, but also because it helps us get off our working days and just relax.

To sum it up, everybody decides for himself/herself if it is necessary to go in for sport. However, I am sure that those, who do, live healthier and happier lives.