A lot of people say that my home is my castle. As for me, I am not afraid of saying that because I spend a great time of my everyday routine in my room, and I always feel myself relaxed and defended.

     In fact, I live in a block of flats on the fifth floor. Actually, it is a four-roomed flat but the rooms are not quite big enough. There are two bedrooms, a living-room, my father’s cabinet, a bathroom and a kitchen. My room is situated between my parent’s bedroom and the living room and . It is 18 square meters, but I think it is fantastic and very cozy.  I am satisfied with it as it is really a good room for a school girl. When you look around, it is out of the question that it is a girl room. You can make this conclusion looking on the large amounts of stuffed toys everywhere because I am keen on collecting them.

    On the left hand side there is a big light brown wardrobe. On the right hand side there is a sofa. It’s green with fluffy pillows on it. When I am tired I lie on it with great pleasure. Next to the sofa there is a computer table where I do my homework. Besides, there is a computer and a big  pink lamp on it. I have got yellow curtains and there are five flower pots with different beautiful flowers on the window-sill. There is a bookcase near my wardrobe. In fact I like reading that’s why I have a lot of books. In the right corner there is a mirror on the wall.

     Moreover, there is a big family portrait on it. It is rather funny because I was only four years old when we took this photo. There are too big colorful pictures on the wall describing nature. Opposite the sofa there is a little desk with three drawers where I keep my copybooks, a pencil-box, colored pencils and other important things for my working day. I like to read books sitting on the floor on my thick carpet. It’s very warm and cozy.

     In conclusion, I am proud of my room. When my friends come to my place, I invite them into my room and we have a good time there in the atmosphere of friendship and relaxation. Besides, I like my room because it is a good place not only to rest but also to work.