Thanks God, I have such good friend as he is! His name is Kirill Antonov and he is seven years older than me. He is a tall, grey-eyed and redhead guy. Kirill has mother, two younger sisters and the big fluffy dog Ruzvelt. My friend likes Queen band, Shakespeare’s novels and Coca-Cola drink. He is very kind, polite and peaceful person.

When we were children, his family was not so rich, so he rarely ate sweets and did not have expensive toys. My parents loved him and tried to help him. Kirill used to come to our house, eat tasty food and play with my computer. I also gave him interesting books (such as “The Master and Margarita”, “Harry Potter” etc.), so we spent a lot of time together.

He was very clever boy, maybe the cleverest that I have ever seen. That is because he wanted to take a well-paid job and help his family with money. He read a lot, visited scientific presentations and exhibitions, took part in competitions.

Kirill finished the school with the gold medal and enrolled to the university. We stopped our communication because he worked hard and did not have time for my teenagers’ games.

Once, few years later, I was walking down the street and noticed the woman on the bench. She was reading a magazine with his photo on it! I could not believe my eyes: Kirill Antonov became a famous businessman! I was very interested in it, but, unfortunately, I lost his phone number.

This day somebody rang my doorbell. I opened the door and saw my friend! My mother and father were surprised and started to ask him about his life. He told that he had not finished the university yet, but found a job.

Now he is a successful businessman, his colleagues and he have their own company. His family has enough food, money and happiness. Kirill also remembers about my parents’ help and promises to give me a job when I finish the university.

We always were together, even when we were in a distance. I am sure, I have never been alone, because he is my true friend. And I think it is the real friendship.